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Primetag is a software with tools for hard data-driven marketers who know analytics and audience insights come before personal taste and who work to maximise the new ROI – the Return On Influence.

Smarter investing.
Better results.

You know your goals, let’s go get them.

  • Reach more people
  • Increase interactions
  • Boost sales

Only you can define your goals. But nobody helps you score like Primetag.

Scale smarter

You don’t need a bigger team to run more campaigns - you need better tools. Tools that:

  • Automatically clip published content
  • Provide goal oriented reports
  • Allow you to export and share campaign data

You count every cent.
Primetag makes every cent count.

  • Free up your staff by automating hours of mindless work
  • Start to measure your campaign’s performance
  • Be sure you’re getting the right ROI.

Real Influence is gold. We’re the gold standard.

What you get is what you’ll see.

Our data comes straight from the source: we’re connected to all major social media networks and track website hits ourselves. That means you get pure, unfiltered results you can rely on.

All the data you need, certified.

Primetag is the ally your marketing team wants and the independent 3rd party that it needs. Our data certification processes audit data independently. So that your every collaboration is honest and transparent.

Our insights, studies and market analysis got Primetag featured in prestigious news outlets

Your brand is valuable.
Keep it safe.

Quality content needs Quality Control

Our automated clipping service gives you the power to QC every post as soon as it’s live. This is the Quality Control tool you need to stay in control - anytime and all the time.

The reports you want whenever you need them

You shouldn’t have to spend months waiting for reports. With Primetag, you don’t have to. Our cross-platform dashboard allows you to see all the content your influencers are publishing in real-time and easily track performance.

Our playbook puts everyone on the same page

From Strategy to Results

From ideation to publication, from briefing to reporting: our intuitive platform keeps all of your Influencer Marketing process in the same pipeline.

7 pre-defined campaign objectives

Choose one of 7 pre-defined objectives to find out the influencers who will deliver. This takes guesswork and personal bias away from the equation and lets data and experience do its magic.

Industry benchmarks for your KPIs

We deliver industry benchmarks for all your KPIs even before your campaign starts. In the end, you can access accurate results based on your performance. So you can keep maximising your Return On Influence - the new ROI.

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